Youth Leadership

We farm to build youth of character.


A distinguishing factor for Youth Farm from other garden or farm based programs across the country is our primary focus on youth and using food and food systems as the conduit for development. Our progressive leadership model, one of very few in the country, truly sets Youth Farm apart from the rest.

We believe successful and highly effective youth development work leads to positive outcomes in our neighborhoods. These outcomes begin with food systems but simultaneously create hardworking, confident and impactful members of our communities. By working to empower youth to first believe they can and then help them actually achieve positive change in their own neighborhoods is the ultimate goal.

Youth Farm is where leadership grows, where youth can define their own success, challenge themselves and their peers and measure their personal impact through the food and food systems work we do.

Youth Farm uses the Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA) tool to measure and achieve researched based outcomes and their long term impact on youth.


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