From day one, Youth Farm was a farm, a youth farm – hence the name! David Brant was clear he didn’t want to call it a garden, and his vision secured the first funding support from the Lyndale Neighborhood Association. He partnered with Karen Lehman, and together they grew Youth Farm from one neighborhood to three and established an enduring framework that engaged the community and youth in shared learning and community building.

David Brant (right) with one of the first Youth Farmers, Jasmine Brown

Now, 26 years later, Youth Farm has bloomed into a multi-faceted youth development organization, engaging hundreds of youth each year in leadership training, farm and food classes, and community events. Through growing, harvesting, and distributing fresh, local produce in their own neighborhoods, young people are making tangible impacts while also preparing for success on whichever path they choose.

Project LEAD youth staff planning and planting farms in St. Paul, summer 2019