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Oops we made BUTTER!

On Tuesday in our Cooking Class, our All Stars learned a valuable lesson that mistakes can sometimes lead to even better discoveries. One of the cooking teams was making Banana Pudding and when they whipped the whipping cream, well, they did a very thorough job of whipping it and butter was made! Our knowledgable volunteer […]

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Sleds and Salads

Lyndale All Stars visited the West Side Youth Farm’s greenhouse last week to check out the new hydroponics system. Loads of lettuce are coming out of the greenhouse this winter for our classes and dinners, and this was a chance for All Stars to sow some seeds and do an on-site taste test. Plus, a […]

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All Stars in Frogtown made a guest appearance in the kitchen at St Paul College.  Chef Dan and the culinary arts students taught All Stars about fresh pasta.  All Stars brought some new ideas to traditional pasta shapes, and topped their pastas with tomato sauce and Alfredo sauce.  Thanks to St Paul College, Chef Nathan, […]

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Greenhouse Party and Mini-Field Trip

To celebrate our final greenhouse class of the fall the Youth Farmers decided we should have a party.  With music, decorations, dancing, courtyard soccer, gummy worms, and guests, we celebrated the past seasons accomplishments.  This fall there was a lot of be proud of.  Led  by Farm Steward Teng Lee, the greenhouse after-school group successfully […]

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Gearing Up For Harvest Fest

We are hard at work gearing up for this year’s Harvest Fest. Our youth are beautifying their gardens by pulling those last pesky weeds, repainting sheds, compost piles are getting rebuilt, and laying down mulch. Through it all we’re harvesting a whole lot of food for our lunches and families. This week our All Stars […]

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