Meet Asiya

yf_case_study_ecard_asiya_full_cardSince Asiya was a young girl she just loved the people and the focus groups in Powderhorn. “When I was little, I didn’t realize that Youth Farm had a mission to grow and develop health conscious young leaders, but that is my favorite part now. I love that even when I didn’t know it, I was a part of making a change and being a leader, and now I am consciously choosing and continuing to be a part of that change as a Farm Steward in Powderhorn.”

11 years and counting, Asiya still loves Youth Farm.

Her favorite Youth Farm moments always come back to the people and the relationships she has with everyone from former Program Directors to first time Youth Farmers. Now in a stronger leadership role, she loves working with the Project LEAD and fostering a team and family atmosphere “because family is important to me.”

A confident and thoughtful person, Asiya shines as a leader. “What I’ve learned most at Youth Farm is about being a leader! I participate in a lot of youth leadership activities and I am happy to say that Youth Farm has made a huge impact on the leader that I am today. The leadership skills I learned at Youth Farm are vital. I seriously apply them to every work or team environment that I am a part of.”

Youth Farm. Growing Family. Growing Leadership.