As we end what has been a divisive year politically and socially, we want to reconfirm to our supporters the values and impact of our work. Youth Farm utilizes food as a catalyst for social change, for community engagement, for leadership development – Food is our tool to change the world. We want you to see Youth Farm as a place that you can take action to support and grow leaders of all ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds in our Twin Cities community.

Youth, Staff, and Community members eat lunch together at our CHT farm in Lyndale/South Minneapolis.

We feel that Youth Farm, both our programming and organization, is made stronger by our differences and unique life experiences that everyone brings to the literal and metaphorical table. Food is our tool to do this. This is lived out every day at Youth Farm – as Youth Farmers and staff eat lunch or dinner together in our summer and school year programming, as we engage Youth Leaders to create more access to healthy produce, and also as we support young leaders in our neighborhoods to organize their families, neighbors and businesses to build a community that is unified in its support of all its residents.

This year your support feels more important than ever. We look to you as stewards of Youth Farm to invest in both our current and future Youth Farm leaders – to support an organization that continually looks to improve itself by engaging people of all racial, religious, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds. Without the contributions of youth leaders of differing backgrounds, we would not be the organization we are today, and we look to further these efforts even more so in the coming years.
It is from this humble position that Youth Farm asks for your financial support. We know that many of you already have, and we thank you for that! For others, please help us reach our $25,000 goal today. Donate Today!
Youth Farm. Where Leadership Grows.