This week students at Nellie Stone Johnson harvested the farm at their school. In total 200 students harvested over 250 pounds of food!  The hallways were a buzz with news of grape tasting, collard green harvesting, and hot pepper sampling. Bouquets of kale could be seen throughout the building.  The produce harvested was sent home with families and recipes were passed around.

The kale harvest was particularly timely as this week MPS Culinary and Nutrition Services features kale as part of MN Thursdays

Want to enjoy kale along with the students at NSJ? Here is a link to MPS Culinary and Nutrition Services’ Green Lava Kale Salad and Youth Farm’s Kale and Potato Soup 



Hawthorne Organizer Marcus Kar proudly shows off some of the harvest from this fall’s farm days at NSJ.