Youth farm: all grown up! From 2008 to 2016! Pictured: Theo, Thierno, Raquel, Amm-Ra, Charlot, Asiya, and one other cute little YF'er back in the day



Maimouna, “Theo is always patient with everyone. He’s respectful, genuine, and very appreciative. He’s just a super laid back guy and there is never an issue with him.”

Amm-Ra, “Theo always has a positive attitude even in stressful situations.”

Ellesha, “He treats everyone equally no matter who they are. Also, he is good at riddles.”

Raquel, “I would say he’s a very genuine and caring guy that is always chill but never too cool to do goofy things and make connections with anyone.”

Phil, “When he gets excited about something his whole face and eyes light up and he gets a little flush. It is so fun to see and I know he is going to grab hold of his passions and carry them forward.”

Liv, “He’s very kind and protective of the people he cares about.”

Harrison, “He’s like the big brother of Youth Farm.”

Zo, “I appreciate how he’s always been able to connect to kids and he always can calm people down and doesn’t have to say something for you to know you’re important.”

*This post is part of a series of posts recognizing Youth Farm’s graduating seniors. It was written by Powderhorn staff*