maimouna profile
Maimouna Muhammad is the epitome of an empowered young women! She is a true leader, not just at Youth Farm, where she helps grow youth leaders of the next generation, but in her community as well, where she’s making moves for social justice. When Maimouna first came to Youth Farm in 2012, she was a volunteer that fell in love with the work we do, and would ask for a job at any turn, the whole while proving her worth and enthusiasm for youth work. She is determined and hard working, and has the drive to achieve whatever she sets her mind to.
At Youth Farm, in her youth leadership role, Maimouna has a very powerful presence and influence on the youth and everyone that she works with. She leads by example by putting in work where it’s needed, and people gravitate towards her presence and want to listen to her. She helps create such a welcoming environment by talking and engaging with the youth in a friendly way. If something goes wrong, she helps to mediate situations very respectfully. She is very caring, but firm, wanting what’s best for everyone and making sure everyone has a good understanding of each other. She’s calm and collected with a very good energy about her.
Maimouna knows herself, and she knows her worth. She puts her efforts towards raising her voice and being an activist to the cause of social justice. She is apart of organizations such as Voices for Social Justice, the Black Liberation Project, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement.
Youth Farm has enjoyed many laughs and revolutions with Maimouna Muhammad on our team these last four years.
*This post is part of a series of posts recognizing Youth Farm’s graduating seniors. It was written by Farm Steward Zainab Youngmark*