Powderhorn Snap Poll!

Amm-Ra has been teaching our ceramics group how to make flutes out of clay!
Amm-Ra has been teaching our ceramics group how to make flutes out of clay!

We took a snap poll of some of the Powderhorn staff and asked them their favorite part of this summer’s program. Here is what they shared:

Kemi, Project LEAD: “The activity groups, and leading the kids in activities they like.”

Maimouna, Project LEAD and Garden Staff: “Watching our hard work in the garden flourish, like being able to care and tend for the garden and being rewarded with such delicious fruits/veggies.”

Jordan, Kitchen Assistant: “Cooking with different kids every week & getting to know new people.”

Ellesha, Project LEAD: “The ceramics addition to the program because it offers a new experience for kids that they might not get outside of Youth Farm.”

Madelene, Summer Cook: “Seeing the kids finish a dish and be so proud of it and be excited to serve it to their camp mates.”

Harrison, Project LEAD: “I like the kids because they bring different talents and different attitudes and I like to see all of it.”

Zainab, Summer Program Manager and Farm Steward: “The youth’s enthusiasm to try things, new or old.”

Amm-Ra, Project LEAD: “The generally relaxed atmosphere of the garden every morning and having it be reasonably cool. Everyone’s always sitting about in a circle and generally laid back in the morning ready to discuss the day’s plan.”

Frank, Project LEAD: “Dodgeball. It’s fun for everyone and it’s a good way to connect with the kids.”

Charlot, Project LEAD and Garden Staff: “Personally it’s been leading Powderhorn [garden]. Mouna and I work well together. As for features of the program this summer itself, it’s been seeing and meeting all these new participants.”

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