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You wouldn’t think that running uphill on all fours would be fun after gardening all morning, But it’s a common event during Powderhorn lunchtimes. Amm-ra started these quadruped races and when not playing himself is often talking or sketching with the youth. Drawings are brought out and discussed, tips given, jokes and stories told. The group breaks down in the mad rush after seconds are called, but re-forms around Amm-ra in a few minutes. He is a steady presence, going about the tasks of the day with a wry grin and a joke. His humor and engagement brings many together, making the work light and the days memorable.

I’ve worked with Amm-ra for three years and known him for many more. He brings his ideas and dedication to the community as a whole, working as an artist and actor at Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask theater, as staff for Adventures in Cardboard and all around volunteer-about-powderhorn.

He’s been a longtime participant of Youth Farm, a fixture of the program we have come to count on. He started Youth Farm 2008 as the Comi-con King of Baha’i farm, and has been consistent, from participant to All-Star to LEAD, working tirelessly on what ever is the task at hand. It has been my privilege to work, and play, with him as he grew into the LEAD staff we are proud of today.

Amm-ra has graduated from South and plans to attend MCTC and keep himself involved in the Powderhorn community in the fall, but until then… Here’s to one more summer of running up hills.

*This post is part of a series of posts recognizing Youth Farm’s graduating seniors. It was written by Powderhorn Project LEAD Charlot Shaw*