That’s Mimi on the left chomping on some Kale!

When I think about Youth Farm, I think about youth development, community connection, and food access. It interesting, as a staff you aim to support and shape youth experience. I have worked with Youth Farm as a staff and had the opportunity to support Mimi in learning how to grow vegetables, how solve an argument with a friend, and we even made up songs. My job was to help her have a positive summer that encouraged her to continue being involved with Youth Farm even through the school year.

Thinking in retrospect, youth workers think about the offerings and services we provide when youth not only shape their own experiences, but their peers. Mimi is a stellar representation of that. Mimi, since she was ten all the way into her LEAD years, has been a kind, intelligent, and thoughtful presence. Mimi absorbed what it meant to be a youth farmer; adventurous, community minded, and willing to try newthings. She would influence others around her to try kale, scream the youth farm chant the loudest, and use different nicer words in the name of SOPAM!

It has been nothing but a delight to see Mimi become the considerate leader that she is. I’ve seen her thrive and grow with Youth Farm, I can’t wait to witness her academic and personal achievements as she graduates! You go Mimi!


*this post is part of a series of posts recognizing Youth Farm’s graduating seniors. It was written by former Lyndale Farm Steward Shanna Woods*