LEAD swap!

This summer LEAD from each of the 5 neighborhoods got to participate in a “LEAD swap” by visiting each other’s neighborhoods. We got to see friends from other neighborhoods, learn new farming techniques (including weed reduction from the West Side!), practice new youth work skills, help with a bit of farm work and lunch dishes, and learn how to slackline in Frogtown. We learned that 3 step dodge ball is popular everywhere, that Powderhorn gets to program in the park, that the West Siders have an ice cream week (a whole week!), and that Lyndale Youth Farmers make delicious cheddar biscuits and apple sauce.

Thanks to all the neighborhoods for being great hosts to our LEAD from across the city. We look forward to seeing each other again at the fall/winter LEAD retreat!


West Side Project LEAD Rosario and Heaven examine some kale at Frogtown’s Jackson School farm
Lyndale Project LEAD Mimi learns what makes the West Side unique from West Side Youth Farmers
Hawthorne Project LEAD Divine and Mela help harvest with West Side LEAD Rosario.


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