Building Community One Meal at a Time

Caleb Prepping a Root Mash
Caleb Prepping a Root Mash

We are deep in our larders now, cooking up tasty meals for families and community. Last week Project LEAD cooked up the Lyndale Community Dinner and the next night our Cooking Class served up their own Family Dinner. We’re back in the kitchens the next two Wednesdays (March 28th and April 1st) for more Community Dinners. All are welcome to join us! Dinner is served at 6pm at Zion Church on the corner of 33rd St and Pillsbury Ave. This week we’re bringing back our famous Collard Green and White Bean Soup, with our frozen collards, and next week we have some good ole Youth Farm Spaghetti! See you there, and bring your appetite!

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