18As October comes to a close, we also wind down our efforts around our 1st Annual Volunteer and Partner Appreciation Month. It feels great to thank people, programs and businesses that we work with for all that they have done. Being able to write about all of you awesome people and partners that contribute your time and resources to support our mission is truly humbling. We also learned that we have so many more volunteers and partners that we were not able to highlight. From the neighbors who help tend to our 18 different farmsites, to the neighborhood associations partners across the Twin Cities, to all of the board members and committee members who are so dedicated to our work and mission, to the multitude or restaurants that donate their time and amazing food to get people to events to support our work, we say THANK YOU!

We are confident in saying that our work and impact would not be possible if it was not for your involvement. We also were reminded that you cannot say thank you enough. We look forward to working with all of you in 2015 and welcome any new people and businesses that want join in the coming year.