Zion Lutheran Church is home base for Lyndale Youth Farm, and hosts our office for our entire organization. For over 100 years Zion has been a steward of the Lyndale neighborhood, gathering this community in a collective effort of mutual aid and support. Among other efforts the congregation hosts free weekly dinners where everyone is welcome, sews and distributes hundreds of beautiful quilts every year, hosts recovery worships, supports ZOOM House next door with a food shelf, and gathers school supplies for Lyndale Elementary.

The church has a huge impact by also being the most accessible community gathering space in the neighborhood.  Zion is a tremendous asset to Lyndale by welcoming everyone, opening its doors, and helping to build one community from this diverse neighborhood.  Every day the church is bustling, including hosting ELL classes three nights a week, hosting other congregations, hosting YMCA cooking classes, and hosting Youth Farm programs.

Its hard to imagine Youth Farm in Lyndale without the support of Zion Church. Down in the kitchen Zion hosts our cooking class and our main prep site for community meals and food preservation. In the summer Youth Farmers swarm Zion’s grounds three days a week, eating lunch outside, storing program supplies, hosting our lunch and cooking programs, and providing a safe haven in storms.

Thank you Zion for being such an integral partner in our work in Lyndale!