Nellie Stone Johnson Community School

Every time I walk in to Nellie Stone Johnson School, I am welcomed by a friendly wave, a warm greeting as a door is held open for me and hugs from students. The community of students, teachers and staff at NSJ are just so great and truly practice what they teach. Through such a strong partnership, we are able to operate a ton of programming both after school and during the school day.

Thank you so much YMCA Beacons for keeping the lights on afterschool, I so adore faciliating 3-5 Kid’s Cook and Nutrition where students can’t wait to put their recipe book together and try them out at home! And I just love digging into the dirt with the 6th Grade Garden Club PE class, last week they prepped 5 whole beds in under 45 minutes! The 4th graders are learning responsibility by taking care of our Rosemary and Thyme plants in their GrowLab. And the 3rd graders once a month get to see how kitchens and gardens are classrooms.

Thank You Beth Lasley, the Parent Liaison at NSJ, and Randa Ayoub, the NSJ Beacons Site Director, for helping make connections and be a champion of the garden both afterschool and during the school day!

Ms. Beth Lasley
Ms. Beth Lasley


Photo courtesy of
Randa Ayoub


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