Michelle Gayer 2If you have ever indulged in a Salty Tart pastry, you know how AWESOME they are! And if you have not had the opportunity, go right now to the Midtown Global Market on Lake Street and see for yourself. Michelle Gayer and her team at Salty Tart not only make great food, but are gracious Youth Farm supporters. For the past 2 years, Michelle has engaged Salty Tart to support Youth Farm at 3 different events. We love having Michelle at Youth Farm events, not only does that guarantee that dessert will be ultra tasty, it also means Michelle will be there, and she is FUN. Michelle also has the unique role of not just understanding our work in the context of a James Beard Award Nominee and Chef, but as a parent of 2 Youth Farmers for the 4 years. Having the public support of Michelle Gayer, one of the regions best chefs, is always an honor, but being trusted to engage and teach her children on issues of food, community and impact, is humbling.

Michelle Gayer, thanks for all you do to support Youth Farm!