Josh EifertFor many non-profit organizations, finding good board members can be hard enough, let alone a quality treasurer who understands non-profit financials. That is why I am extra thankful for our longtime Board Member and Treasurer, Josh Eifert. Like many people involved in Youth Farm, Josh was roped in as a volunteer on our finance committee 7 years ago by his wife Angela (who besides being a networking guru in the Twin Cities non-profit community, is also a past Youth Farm board member). Over the past 7 years Josh has stayed committed to Youth Farm through his work as a Finance Committee member, then Board Member, and then Treasurer. During the day, Josh is the CFO for Traditions Capital Bank in Edina, a workplace he has continued to engage as supporters of Youth Farm through employ volunteer efforts and through finance support. Everyone here at Youth Farm appreciates Josh not just for his time and financial expertise, but his continual willingness to understand and experience our work first hand, push our staff and organization to make sound financial decisions, and to challenge us to take important organizational risks that allow for us to better live into our mission.

Thank you Josh Eifert for your continued volunteer time as a board member, treasurer, and Youth Farm supporter!