Over the past 20 years, the support, commitment, and involvement of hundreds of volunteers, community and business partners has been core to our  success at Youth Farm. As we begin our fiscal year, and to show our appreciation and 18highlight their commitment, October is “Volunteer and Partner Appreciation Month” at Youth Farm.
Throughout the month of October, every day here on our blog (youthfarmmn.org/blog) we will be highlighting a variety of volunteers, partners and businesses that help make our work possible. Whether you are a long time supporter, someone who just found out about our work, or are one of those volunteers that we are so honored to have involved in our Youth Farm family, please sign up for our blog (along the right side of our blog page) and learn about just how big the Youth Farm family is and all the great people that make our work possible.
From all of the staff, board, youth leaders, and families at Youth Farm – – THANK YOU!