Niños de Lyndale

By Jesus Perez, Farm Steward

Summer program was a success, but another success that I enjoyed was the Friday night class (niños class). I worked with an amazing group of youth that are willing to learn new things. Every week, we prepared food for 30 people in 3 hour class, including the youth’s mothers and younger siblings. We learn many things together like how to preserve food and how to make dishes that they never did at home. One of the highlights of the class was using our own food that we grow in our meals, so youth have a really good connection with the food and share it with their families at home. Another success is youth working together as a team to cook for all those people and still have time to play some fun games. After all youth enjoyed coming to class, and I can’t wait to start class again.


Ed.- This year the Niños de Lyndale prepared over 500 meals for their families! Thank you to the Latinas de Lyndale en Liderazgo, from Lyndale Neighborhood Association’s Women’s Leadership Program for making this program possible.

Paola <3 YF
Atanairy's Cook Book
Atanairy’s Cook Book
Saul's homegrown and homemade beet juice
Saul’s homegrown and homemade beet juice


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