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I am an intern in the Lyndale neighborhood for Youth Farm this fall. I am lucky enough to see the behind-the-scenes at Youth Farm and am able to observe how all of their fall programs and practices work and benefit each other. I think one of the most amazing things that Youth Farm manages to incorporate in everything they do is illustrating to the youth involved and also to passersby how important it is to know where exactly our food comes from. There is an emotional and personal investment in showing the kids how to grow the food that they will eat. Even further, how to cook the food that they have learned to grow! If you’re anything like me and haven’t really strayed too much from those simple dishes that mom taught you or have resorted to convenient cooking, you would appreciate the cooking classes that Youth Farm hosts for their youth. Youth Farm is living and breathing values that produce good food, confident leaders, a strong community, and continuing progress towards a sustainable and bright future. Since I have started in early September, the kids have shown me how to strengthen the relationship that I have with food. I now care about where it comes from and where it goes to. I am more conscious about the food that I consume and the waste in which I produce. Youth Farm is a local leader in supplying youth with the necessary tools to succeed in our ever-changing world!
Written by Amelia Swartout