Every summer we’ve grown collard greens, and it is the crop that is most likely to mystify our youth and families. We hear, “How do we eat this?” every week we send it home. This week Project LEAD each harvested a pound of collards to take home, each armed with a different recipe. August had her own recipe that E-Don signed up to make for her parents. Here is August’s recipe but without the drawings of how to cut the collards:

“So you take all the collards you got, right? Then you cut em up into strips, ya know an edible size. Then put them in a pot, whatever pot fits all the collards. Fill up the pot so that it’s almost 1/2 to 2/3 to the top of the collards w/ water. You put in about 4-5 strips of bacon into the pot, put on a top and then boil for about 45 minutes.”

So we want to know…. What’s your favorite way to cook collard greens? Share a recipe in the comments!