Almost two weeks ago, Hawthorne neighborhood got a shed. And not just any old shed. On a rainy Tuesday morning, a semi truck hauling a 40′ steel shipping container unloaded almost 5 tons of shed onto the parking lot at St. Olaf Community Campus in North Minneapolis.

We’ve been working for some time to acquire a 40′ shipping container that will be used to house Youth Farm tools, bikes, an outdoor kitchen, and the North Minneapolis tool lending library, part of North Side Fresh and Gardening Matters’ Local Foods Resource Hub Network.

We’re also working with Juxtaposition Arts this summer to install a 40′ long mural on the side of the container. If all goes according to plan, the container will be finished by Harvest Fest!



The side facing the farm has an 8′ sliding door to allow for easy access to tools and equipment.



Youth work with Drew Peterson, an artist working with JuxtaPosition Arts to outline the mural.



The mural during the first day of painting. It’s looking good!