Iron Chef

Lyndale held an Iron Chef competition for a Fun Friday activity a couple weeks ago. Our 60 youth split into 10 groups to figure out the tastiest ways to prepare produce from the farms. Each group started off with a selection of kale, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and carrots and a few additional ingredients. It was the most chaotic hour of our program this summer, and might have been the funnest too. Everyone was racing around trying to find that extra little something to make their dish special. Our Project LEAD taste tested everything our youth came up with and declared a winner. Sweet & Sour took it with a spread of kale chips, green salad, and caramelized pears. Other highlights included banana bread with chocolate icing, Somali crepes,  kale smoothies, and a soupy looking mess that was surprisingly tasty.

Iron Chefs Antonio, Ruby, Fernando, Josh, Fernando, and Javed
Iron Chefs Antonio, Ruby, Fernando, Josh, Fernando, and Javed

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