“When I came back to Youth Farm this summer, I was glad to see the same faces and new ones too. I know that most of the kids are not just coming to do something in the summer, but they enjoy being here.  I learned about our garden groups and what we would do in them.  We transplanted, weeded, thinned, and mulched in the garden.  In photography we took pictures and got to know our group.” – Alyssa

“What I like about Youth Farm is the gardening, the lunch, games, and the focus groups. My focus group is called The Focus Group. I named it. But I really like Youth Farm. I’ve been here for 6 years, and it’s been wonderful years.” -Esperanza(SP/Porkle Berry)

Here are some reports from other youth farmers.
” Week 1 at YOUTH FARM – Heaven
Me and my sister came back to Youth Farm for our second year.  Most of the kids are really nice and work well with each other.  Everyday the kids will meet the staff in either Main garden or the field next to Youth Farm.  After our meet and greet, we play games and split into our garden groups.  The West Side has three gardens: Cherokee, Main, and Robert Street.  There we weed, plant, and harvest the plants in the beds.  After that there is lunch and then focus groups, which include art, and the adventure groups.  Youth Farm can be lots of work, but it is also a lot of FUN!”
” This week at Youth Farm we took a lot of pictures on the way to the library.  Some of the pictures were of cats, people, flowers, a tree with yarn around it, and much more”. Brenna
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Edited by Alyssa