Which means that it is time to put all of the beds to sleep for the winter. This morning, the beds at St Stephanus were put to sleep, the beds at the main farm site will be put to sleep tomorrow, and the beds at Jackson will be soon to follow. Last week, we used some of the last harvest to make a large batch of pesto, which was used as a healthy snack at an event. While all the kids were skeptical of the icky green stuff at first, they all agreed that it tasted pretty good, and most of them even came back for seconds.

This week at Liberty Plaza, we were spray painting some of the bikes that we decorated last week to get ready for our Wacky Wheelers event on Saturday. Come to Cycles for Change, located on the corner of University & Grotto, this Saturday from 11am-2pm to see some the bikes we decorated, and to decorate your own. Then join us on a ride down University to our farm, and back from 2-3.

-post by intern Hope