Jesus and the Zuke

By Jesus Perez

I started youth farm since I was little kid and I love the program, so every year I kept coming back. I’m originally from Michoácan, Mexico; I came to the United States around 2003 and when I fist came I went to Lyndale elementary school. During summer I got involved with youth farm because I didn’t have lots of friends. It was easy for me to go to the program and meet new people and friends. I started as a youth farmer and I enjoyed the program, so after three years I became a lead staff and gained lots of working skills; I was a lead staff for four years and at my last year I was given an opportunity of being a farm steward. I did accepted the wonderful opportunity and I am thankful with the program because I develop my self.

This summer I was an adult staff and I had more responsibilities to maintain youth being engaged with the program in a fun way. I really did enjoy my first time being an adult staff because the youth and lead staff makes the program happen; I was there to support them in developing their skills,  and in the future they will be doing the same thing with other youth and lead staff. Also, I was the harvest coordinator and learned many things and got to know new people in the community. I learned more about buying club (shares for families and people in our community) and I was glad to deliver our food to families  and people in our community. Overall, I like youth farm and as there are more opportunities for me in the program I will keep coming back because it’s a wonderful place!