The Whittier Farm group in Lyndale has been working with Jabbok Family Service’s COOL Youth program over the past month on a mosaic project for our new farm site. With the support of COOL Youth’s staff, both groups got to experiment together with the process of putting together a mosaic. The two groups started out drawing designs on stepping stones. From there they got to get their hands dirty by breaking up tiles and glueing them onto the stones.  Earlier this week the youth installed the stones in the farm and painted a welcome sign. Afterwards COOL youth joined Youth Farmers for the rest of the day, chomping down a veggie stir fry lunch and then making flour tortillas from scratch with our All Things Food activity group. The mosaics include designs of an eagle, the twin cities skyline, a rainbow, and a memorial to Mexico.

Special thanks to Aaron, Adam, and George at Jabbok!