Despite rainy mornings and the continued heat, we had a great week in Hawthorne. A bat decided to come hang out (bad pun intended) for lunch, we made kites at Northern Mississippi Regional Park, and the public art focus group finished a new garden sign for NSJ Farm. With only three weeks of Youth Farm summer program left, we are already gearing up for harvest fest and a chance to showcase what youth have been working on all summer long.

Bats are awesome at hanging out. One bat decided to beat the heat by coming in the church. After (safely) moving the bat outside, Antonio decided to hang out with his new friend.


Rainy days and latex gloves make for great impromptu art projects.


Kites don’t actually need to fly for them to be fun (though it would have been a definite plus)

What a great looking sneak preview of the new NSJ Youth Farm sign. Want to see the finished product? Come to harvest fest on August 11th, 1:00 – 3:00 @ Saint Olaf Community Campus (2901 Emerson Ave N).