Earlier this week, YFMP debuted its first summer program in the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul. Armed with lots of enthusiasm and positive, engaging activities for the youth, YFMP staff helped kick the summer off to a great start. Despite the rumblings of rain on Tuesday and raindrops on Wednesday, the youth were busy working in the gardens, whether they were weeding, seeding, or transplanting; many youth have already been recognized for their “green thumb”s! The first few program days weren’t all about gardening, though – youth also worked in the kitchen to help prepare yummy lunches and had a great time riding bikes and playing a “smashing” game of Fizzball.

As this is the first summer of YFMP in Frogtown, the staff is working hard to adapt the program to the Frogtown youth. The number of youth in attendance is expected to grow over the next few weeks as word spreads about all of the fun happening at 501 LaFond. For now, Frogtown is small but mighty with big goals and plans to make it one of the best YFMP program sites yet!

Written by Emily Rheinhart

A youth farmer helps harvest mustard greens during the first week of summer program in Frogtown.