It was wet today! Lyndale ran program despite having to be inside for at least 2 extra hours today, hiding out while a wicked storm passed outside. There’s nothing like being cooped up for a couple hours to get those creative juices moving! Our CHT Farm spent their hour together coming up with some very special songs. Inspired by LEAD staff Niani and Nazeem’s deep song list, the CHT’ers performed their new single “Rolling in the Dirt” for a rapt audience right before lunch.
Rolling in the Dirt

From the right: Grace, Jakayla, Kabao, Lillian, Gina, Miski, Maddie, Ahmed, Sherhan, Mohmed, Ella, Niani, Ahmed, Nazeem, Elerson

Theres a garden
Not on the West Side
Its not Powderhorn
We got Lyndale Pride
Finally we weeded all the beds
Now we can seed the plants that we have left
We’re gonna teach you everything that we do
Turning the compost
Seed and we weed too
Rolling in the Dirt
Mulching all the beds
We had the weeds inside of our hands
And we threw them
And we threw them in the compost
We won last year
We got the most awards
When we win again I hope they’re not poor sports
Lyndale makes sure our compost is warm
Hopefully soon we will go to Philly Farm
Steppin in the gardens
Plants are the largest
Every week badge test
Wednesday’s Harvest
Rolling in the Dirt
Mulching all the beds
We had the weeds inside of our hands
And we threw them
We threw them in the compost
And if that wasn’t enough Nazeem hit everyone up with a solo rhyme:
I woke up slow hours before noon
Thinking that I had to be at Youth Farm soon
I had to get pumped before the day begins
It won’t be hard because I’ll see my friends
Chillin in the garden with my hoe
Raking the weeds pullin them slow.
Sad you missed the show? Mark your calendar down for Lyndale’s Harvest Fest on August 10th. Our Farms and Activity Groups will be sharing their work this summer and celebrating their accomplishments, all over a delicious Youth Farm meal. Maybe we’ll even get CHT and Naz to do a repeat performance!