Cous cous, chick pea and sweet potato stew, fresh strawberries, salad from our farms, and home made bread, that’s what we had at YFMP today. Actually, these are the kind of lunches we eat 3 days a week during our summer program. That’s over 5,000 healthy lunches a summer, and all of it is prepared by a team of Youth Farmers, Project LEAD staff and a summer chef. One of the things we have noticed over the last 10 years at YFMP since we started cooking our own lunches, is that given the opportunity to eat healthy and try new foods, youth will, and most of the time they really like it.

If you want to eat like a king or queen sometime this summer, make some time and come and join us at YFMP any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday through the first week of August. If you are more the scheduling type and would like to set up a time to come and eat with us, maybe even get a tour of our farms, contact YFMP Executive Director, Gunnar Liden or even more informally, the Powderhorn YFMP has a standing Community Focused Lunch every Friday at noon right outside the Powderhorn Park building.