Choua and Mai Ngia at the initial West Side farm in 2000

11 years ago today, the West Side of St. Paul YFMP had their first work day to create their initial farmsite. It was cold and wet, but we had a strong group of 10 kids and another 12 community volunteers as we spread 15 yards of compost over a 50’x30′ plot of land into our first West Side farm. Our first summer on the West Side, there was 1 small farm, 3 staff and 15 kids. In 2011, as we move into our 12th year on the West Side, we work with over 300 kids in the neighborhood in both the summer and school year programming, have 5 garden sites, a year round greenhouse, and are strong providers of healthy food to the neighborhood (over 3,000 lbs. last year). It is this kind of long term commitment to the youth of a neighborhood that results in lasting impact. Thanks to all those who have supported our efforts on the West Side and all our other neighborhoods. We look forward to all of our new adventures in the coming decade.