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Distribution Wednesdays Continue!

Today myself and awesome Hawthorne All Star Breonna drove around the northside jamming to the radio and delivering veggies to Youth Farm families. Summer program feels like such a long time ago (just last week!), so it was great to see familiar faces and celebrate giant heads of cauliflower together. The residents at St. Olaf were quite […]

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Seed Bombs of Peace

The afternoon artists in Hawthorne have had some fun as well as thoughtful activities. These last few weeks they’ve been exploring questions around the purpose of art in the community and how that relates to their own self-expression. As a result, they have made some incredibly creative clay figures and tye-dye shirts to explore their […]

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Extending the Family

At Youth Farm we talk a lot about how we are very much like family, so it was no surprise that Monday’s Guest Chef at our LEAD Meeting was none other than my dad, Mike McDaniel. He is an avid canner who makes about 800 jars of salsa and applesauce for each of his clients […]

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Cool Beans: A Journey

First they were meticulously planted by last year’s Nellie Stone Johnson 3rd graders. Then they grew in the summer sun and were tended to by Hawthorne Youth Farmers. They loved to sprawl along the fence and everyone admired their beautiful white and red flowers. In the fall, the big bean stalks started to get cold […]

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