A Day in February

Even in winter Youth Farm is busy all day everyday! Here are a set of photos all snapped on Thursday February 24th. The Farm Stewards were in our Cherokee School Greenhouse reviewing the growth of onion starts, micro greens, and more. Later that night we had a crew of over 20 Lyndale Youth Farmers cooking up their dinner of veggie enchiladas, cactus bread, and a salad at Zion Church. I snapped some shots of our enchilada crew at work.

First Harvest in Frogtown

Last Friday, Youth Farm celebrated its first harvest from its newest farm in Frogtown.  High school students from Twin Cities Academy harvested eight and a half pounds of lettuce, arugula, and mustard greens.  The harvest was distributed to neighbors around the farm and community partners.  The growing season is still going strong in Frogtown; the farm is still producing salad greens and radishes.

Students harvest arugula in Frogtown.
Students harvest arugula in Frogtown.

Lyndale Dry Run

Its Kick Off Week for 2011 Summer Program! We are super hyped to be getting out into the farms with our youth and having some summer fun.

The weather has been a bit of a damper to the week. All neighborhoods called in a rain day for the First Day of Summer. It was a sound decision with a tornado passing through the metro. Today Lyndale hid inside due to lack of rain shelter for the first week of program, but West Side and Powderhorn had amazing first days.

Of course, just because we cancel program doesn’t mean youth aren’t excited to be at Youth Farm! We had a handful of amazing youth come out and help out staff to harvest and distribute the Lyndale Buying Club. We delivered 25 shares of delicious produce out to our neighbors. Each bag came with a healthy amount of lettuce, spinach, chard, and kale. There was even a little bonus of radishes and green onions. All told we harvested over 70 pounds of produce… thats a lot of greens!

Big heads up to Deja, Lillian, Erik, Sage, Chris, Jasmine and our staff for coming out on a damp day. See you Friday with lots of sunshine!