Compost Cake, Summer Squash, and a Surprise Guest

As we hit the mid-point of Youth Farm’s summer program on the West Side it is easy to look back on many memorable moments.  Here are a few photos of the good times being had on St. Paul’s West Side.  While the youth of the Robert Street garden were planning out their morning activities we were surprised with a visit from a feathered friend.

Each summer as part of Compost week we rally around our black gold and get a bit competitive with a compost cake eating contest.  All participants receive a belly full of brownies, gummy worms, and chocolate pudding. From the kitchen to the garden Youth Farmers are having fun.

West Side YFMP are Compost Cup Champions

If you missed the presentation of the much coveted “Compost Cup” at the Lyndale Harvest Festival on Wednesday, you missed your chance to see how excited youth can be about Compost. The West Side YFMP won the Cup this year with a compost temperature of 142 degrees. Come celebrate with the at our last neighborhood Harvest Festival tonight, August 12th, from 5:30 – 7:30. Here is a video of the winning moment, and the Compost King and Queen from the West Side accepting their trophy.