Thank You! Conservation Corps Youth Outdoors

One of the most consistent, hardworking, and fun to work with groups that we see at Youth Farm is the Conservation Corps’ after-school program, Youth Outdoors or Y-O. In their own words, Y-O “connects urban teens to the natural environment through hands-on conservation and neighborhood beautification projects. It empowers young people to become active, engaged citizens and leaders.” In my own words “They Rock”.

YO getting it done!

Their years of spring and fall work groups have helped us increase our growing capacity and help keep our gardens looking neat and tidy. At the end of each fall and spring session each “crew” also decide on a community project. We have been lucky to have been chosen twice and have been treated with a snazzy compost bin and also 2 custom painted rain barrels to water the gardens. We really like that one is painted like a hamburger.



Thanks again Conservation Corps Youth Outdoors, we look forward to continue to work with you!

Thank you Pastor Steve at St. Olaf Community Campus

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit “SOCC” farm in our Hawthorne neighborhood you have found much more than an urban farm space.  You have found a community of intergenerational residents, partners, and youth working together to make their space vibrant and meet community needs through farming, events, cooking, community dialogues, and food distribution to name just a few things.  You have also found Pastor Steve leading the efforts with passion, encouragement, and a kind greeting for everyone.

Pastor Steve has been a key supporter since Youth Farm began in Hawthorne. He was integral in establishing Youth Farm by making kitchen space accessible and helping to facilitate Youth Farm’s role in the urban agriculture movement on the Northside.  More importantly he has been a mentor, friend, and supporter of our program, our staff, and our youth.

Thank you Pastor Steve for all you do for Youth Farm!

Check Out Seedfolks at Children’s Theatre Company

This year Youth Farm is partnering with the Children’s Theatre Company on their production of Seedfolks. The Children’s Theatre has long been an incredible resource for young people across the metro area, and we are enormously excited to be supporting their work on Seedfolks. The play is a one-woman show based on the novel by Paul Fleischman about a community that develops around a garden in a downtrodden city lot.

Youth Farmers have been working with the Theatre’s staff to develop a special Youth Farm night on October 16th for their 7pm performance. For that night’s show, Youth Farmers will be providing food samples and selling fresh produce as well as canned goods all from our farms. After the show Lyndale Youth Farmers Atanairy, Gabino, Yasmin, and Shanna will host a community discussion based on themes that resonate in the play and in our work. Last weekend our crew got to visit a rehearsal and become the first people in the whole world to see any of the play.

This isn’t the first time Youth Farm and CTC have partnered. Last summer our arts group made the trip across Lake St to visit a production of The Cat in the Hat. We’ve also been part of the planning team together for the World of Whittier Fair. Through all our work together, CTC and its staff have shown a dedication to creating avenues for young people to engage in the arts and have shown a respect and appreciation for the experiences and voices of our participants.

Thank you Children’s Theatre! We’ll see you on October 16th at Seedfolks! Buy tickets here!

Thank You Rodriguez Auto for keeping our vehicles running, and running, …

One would not think that our first blog post during “Volunteer and Partner Appreciation Month” at Youth Farm would be an auto mechanic, but if you have ever seen our vehicles driving around town, you know that some of them must have miracle workers behind them to keep them running. That is why we are so grateful that Sergio and Veronica Rodriguez of Rodriguez Auto on the West Side of St. Paul have been our auto mechanics at Youth Farm for over a decade! There is no job too small or too big for ‘Serg’ and we greatly appreciate that whenever we need your help with busted mirror or a new exhaust, you always get it done right at a great price.

So Thank You Rodriguez Auto for all you do to support Youth Farm!

October – Volunteer & Partner Appreciation Month at Youth Farm

Over the past 20 years, the support, commitment, and involvement of hundreds of volunteers, community and business partners has been core to our  success at Youth Farm. As we begin our fiscal year, and to show our appreciation and 18highlight their commitment, October is “Volunteer and Partner Appreciation Month” at Youth Farm.
Throughout the month of October, every day here on our blog ( we will be highlighting a variety of volunteers, partners and businesses that help make our work possible. Whether you are a long time supporter, someone who just found out about our work, or are one of those volunteers that we are so honored to have involved in our Youth Farm family, please sign up for our blog (along the right side of our blog page) and learn about just how big the Youth Farm family is and all the great people that make our work possible.
From all of the staff, board, youth leaders, and families at Youth Farm – – THANK YOU!