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How do we appreciate Theo? Let us count a few of the ways

  Maimouna, “Theo is always patient with everyone. He’s respectful, genuine, and very appreciative. He’s just a super laid back guy and there is never an issue with him.” Amm-Ra, “Theo always has a positive attitude even in stressful situations.” Ellesha, “He treats everyone equally no matter who they are. Also, he is good at […]

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Oh you know, just a chicken.

City Chickens

Youth Farmer Ally loves bringing her chickens to visit Youth Farm. Her chickens are a great source of eggs all year round. For some of our Youth Farmers, its the first time they’ve met a full grown chicken.  

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maimouna profile

Maimouna Making Moves

Maimouna Muhammad is the epitome of an empowered young women! She is a true leader, not just at Youth Farm, where she helps grow youth leaders of the next generation, but in her community as well, where she’s making moves for social justice. When Maimouna first came to Youth Farm in 2012, she was a […]

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Amm-Ra has been teaching our ceramics group how to make flutes out of clay!

Powderhorn Snap Poll!

We took a snap poll of some of the Powderhorn staff and asked them their favorite part of this summer’s program. Here is what they shared: Kemi, Project LEAD: “The activity groups, and leading the kids in activities they like.” Maimouna, Project LEAD and Garden Staff: “Watching our hard work in the garden flourish, like […]

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Getting Tasty with Wild Sorrell

On a recent morning in Powderhorn Park our garden group took their weeding to the next level. We tasted all sorts of edibles right from the garden, from sorrell to lamb’s quarter, dandelion greens to rhubarb, spinach to snow peas. Mariah and Kamaya loved the sorrell so much they added a bit of its soury […]

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