Thank you Pastor Steve at St. Olaf Community Campus

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit “SOCC” farm in our Hawthorne neighborhood you have found much more than an urban farm space.  You have found a community of intergenerational residents, partners, and youth working together to make their space vibrant and meet community needs through farming, events, cooking, community dialogues, and food distribution to name just a few things.  You have also found Pastor Steve leading the efforts with passion, encouragement, and a kind greeting for everyone.

Pastor Steve has been a key supporter since Youth Farm began in Hawthorne. He was integral in establishing Youth Farm by making kitchen space accessible and helping to facilitate Youth Farm’s role in the urban agriculture movement on the Northside.  More importantly he has been a mentor, friend, and supporter of our program, our staff, and our youth.

Thank you Pastor Steve for all you do for Youth Farm!

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